Scamorza Cheese ± 200gr/Pack

117.000 VND

Ingredient(s): Fresh cow milk, iodized salt, enzym rennet, citric acid (INS 330)

Specifications: Scamorza is a pulled curd cheese, traditionally made from 100% fresh cow milk. Scamorza can be a substitute for mozzarella is many dishes. The outer of scamorza is slightly yellow while the inside is white. It is milky and will come to a starchy texture when heated. People usually enhance its flavor by pan-frying its crust. The crust is fully edible due to the natural aging process

Production: At Ottima Cheese, we produce fresh cheese by following strictly Italian tradition. Skilled cheese makers generally form the cheese into a round shape, and then tie a string around the mass one third of the distance from the top, and hang to dry. And the resulting shape is pear-like. Scamorza is suitable for storing in the refrigerator (sealed) for up to 45 days. Especially, there are no additives, preservatives and chemicals added.

Preservation and Usage: Preserve (sealed) at 4-6 C degree. Use within 45 days from the day of production.

Recipes with: Scamorza Cheese ± 200gr/Pack

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