• Ottima Cheese. The voice of quality cheese, in Viet Nam

    Ottima is an italian word that means “very good”.
    Daily production, locally handcrafted
    by trained Vietnamese cheesemakers.

Ottima Cheese is the voice of high quality Cheese in Vietnam. We produce Fresh Cheese every day following the old Italian tradition, with the best quality of 100% fresh cow milk. Offer our Clients always fresh cheese, without preservative added.

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Our best sellers

From the succulent Burrata to the healthy Greek Yogurt, here you will find Ottima's finest production, made with this morning's milk.

Fresh Mozzarella 125g/Pack
70.000 VND

Mozzarella cheese is a curd cheese originating from Italy. Fresh mozzarella is moist, milky and sliceable

Ricotta Cheese 250gr/Box
110.000 VND

Ricotta is white, soft and has a slightly sweet flavor that comes from the fresh milk. Ricotta is favorably used in Italian desserts.

Burrata Cheese 125gr/Box
130.000 VND

Burrata is a fresh cheese coming from Italy. It is made of fresh mozzarella and cream.

Greek Yogurt 500g/Box
112.000 VND

Sour and creamy but just enough to be that twist of magic. Greek Yogurt is one of the good choices for people who are on a healthy diet.


Why Ottima Cheese

Good quality of products

We care about quality without any shortcut. Our cheese is made by milk, our milk is coming from a certified farm, where the cows are healthy.

Strong and beautiful packaging

Our products must be protected in order to deliver to you the real experience of the authentic fresh cheese. During all the shelf life period.

No preservatives added

We produce our fresh cheeses every day. Completely natural, without preservatives added.

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