Ottima is an Italian word that comes from the latin "optimum" that means: The best or most favorable point degree, amount, ect.

That's why, when we enter our Cheese laboratory during the production hours, the whole place is full of the sweetest smell of fresh milk.

It brings back memories, this sweet smell, to when we were children. It brings also the dream of eating the best, freshest and incredibly tasty cheese.


Fresh cheese, made by Italians, the Italian way, in Vietnam

Using Local Milk and local manpower, Ottima Cheese is bringing the dream of the Fresh High Quality Italian Cheese in South East Asia.

Started by a group of Italian and Vietnamese Partners, our vision is to provide healthy and natural Cheese in this region of the Planet, where the conditions are possible.

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"There are no shortcuts for the quality" 

Chủ sở hữu thương hiệu Ottima Cheese


"Proud to run a healthy Company, making healthy food!"

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