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What is Mozzarella cheese? How to make fresh mozzarella cheese?

What is fresh Mozzarella cheese? Mozzarella is a unique type of cheese, originating from Italy, now famous all over the world. Made from buffalo or cow's milk using the “pulled curd” method, Mozzarella has an important place in Italian restaurants, especially since the moment fresh mozzarella cheese become the most suitable pizza cheese for pizza lovers.

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What is Mozzarella cheese?

Fresh mozzarella is generally white. It is a semi-soft cheese.  Fresh mozzarella cheese is often made from milk of water buffaloes or cow milk (Fiordilatte). Fresh mozzarella is moist, milky and sliceable. When heated, mozzarella comes into a stringy texture. Fresh Mozzarella is also used for most types of pizza and several pasta dishes, or served with sliced tomatoes and basil in Caprese salad. Because of its moisture, this cheese is best served promptly after it is made.

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How to preserve fresh mozzarella cheese?

The best mozzarella cheese would be made and eaten promptly after it is made. The way to preserve fresh mozzarella cheese is also quite simple, you can put in the refrigerator at 4-6 C degree in a container of cold water. If the packaging has already been opened, change the water every day. Fresh mozzarella cheese should be used the sooner the better.

Due to its high moisture content, it is traditionally served the day after it is made, but can be kept in brine for up to a ten days.

The process of making fresh mozzarella cheese at Ottima Cheese:

Fresh mozzarella is made with four simple ingredients: milk, rennet, citric acid, and salt. It's especially good made with whole milk—the pasteurization process happens during the curd pulling process, making it safe.


After coagulation, the curd should be cut into pieces and it is also very important the final pH of the curd which must be around 5.1 – 5.4 This is the optimal point when the cheese can be stretched (filatura) and hand shaped in the traditional way.

The name “Mozzarella” comes from “Mozzare”, italian for “to cut” because the cheese, when still hot, is cut by the hands of the cheesemaker.

Ottima Cheese Team

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