Italian cuisine is, like Vietnamese cuisine, a cuisine that changes a lot according to the regions. Like Vietnam, Italy extends from South to North, has mountainous regions and a lot, a lot of water, both sweet and salty. The ingredients that can be found therefore vary widely from region to region the food is often prepared in the house, in Viet Nam is still possible to see old ladies cooking noodles in their kitchen and in Italy it is still frequent to know families making fresh cheese at home.

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The peculiarity of Italian cuisine, compared, for example, to French cuisine, is that it trusts more in the quality of the starting ingredients than in a sophisticated preparation.

Fresh cheese has a very "high" position in Italian cuisine, and is one of the main actors on the table of every true Italian.

Presented at the beginning of the meal as an aperitif, put to complete the pasta or the risotto steaming on the table during the winter or added to the last, freshly cut and with the drop of buttermilk clearly visible, for a summer meal in a porch on the sea.

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The cheeses arranged on a cutting board at the end of the meal can be of many types, from the most creamy and spreadable up to the hard enough pasta to require a special knife to be able to cut them, perhaps accompanied by honey or fig jam.

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In Italy, fresh cheeses are the ingredient that completes many recipes and happily concludes many quality meals.

Italian cheeses are among the most famous in the world: Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, which takes its name from a town in Lombardy but which can now be produced almost anywhere on the Italian territory, mozzarella, recently successful burrata international.

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With a climate ranging from the cold mountains close to the border with Central Europe to the warm islands very close to the North African regions, Italy can boast cheeses produced in all climates. A special mention must be made for the products of Southern Italy: fresh mozzarella cheese, burrata and ricotta. These fresh cheeses, which fall into the category of dairy products, stand out for their delicate and fresh flavors, for the sensation of genuine fresh milk that conquers us when we are lucky enough to taste really fresh ones.

Many similarities, therefore, between the geography of Vietnam and Italy: the food culture of the two countries is animated by the same spirit: quality of the ingredients, respect and esteem for tradition, for fresh and non-artificial ingredients. And the pleasure of eating together: together with friends, family, work colleagues. Eating means sharing the dishes that are on the table, but also sharing a moment of affection or joy.

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