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Ottima Cheese offers a wide range of exciting, flavorful and fresh cheeses made with this morning's milk. 

Bocconcini 150g/Pack
105.000 VND

Bocconcini are cherry-sized mozzarella cheese.They are often used in tomato and basil salads and pasta or Italian biscuits.

Burrata Cheese 125gr/Box
130.000 VND

Burrata is a fresh cheese coming from Italy. It is made of fresh mozzarella and cream.

Burrata Cheese 500gr/Pack
400.000 VND

Burrata’s outer shell is a mozzarella bag while the inside is filled with cream and mozzarella mixture

Combo Moon Cheese 240g
156.000 VND

Moon Cheese is a fresh, soft and genuine cheese in the form of a moon cake. Slightly flavored with salt during the production process, it goes well with apricot or fig jam, honey or even with hot croutons.

Fresh Mozzarella 125g/Pack
70.000 VND

Mozzarella cheese is a curd cheese originating from Italy. Fresh mozzarella is moist, milky and sliceable

Fresh Mozzarella Block 1000gr/Pack
340.000 VND

Fresh Mozzarella for Pizza ,when being heated- mozzarella comes into a sticky stringy texture. Because of its moisture.