Fresh Mozzarella 125g/Pack
85.000 VND

Mozzarella cheese is a curd cheese originating from Italy. Fresh mozzarella is moist, milky and sliceable

Burrata Cheese 125gr/Box
135.000 VND

Burrata is a fresh cheese coming from Italy. It is made of fresh mozzarella and cream.

Bocconcini 150g/Pack
110.000 VND

Bocconcini are cherry-sized mozzarella cheese. They are often used in tomato and basil salads and pasta or Italian biscuits.

Burrata Cheese 300gr/Pack
245.000 VND
Burrata Truffle Honey 65g/Box
105.000 VND

Cheese and truffle honey - the perfect combination from Ottima Cheese...

Burrata Truffle Honey 100g/Box
145.000 VND

Cheese and truffle - the perfect combination! Your favorite burrata from Ottima Cheese is now available in truffled flavors, powered by Le Truffle's truffle condiments!