Treccia - Cheese Braid 150g/Pack

105.000 VND

Ingredient(s): 100% fresh cow milk, salt, rennet

Specifications: Treccia (mozzarella cheese braid) -  is a handcrafted cheese, it is known as a braided version of mozzarella. At Ottima Cheese, this cheese is made of whole fresh cow milk. Mozzarella strings, obtained from the stretching process, are skillfully hand-woven on themselves by experienced cheese makers, resulting in the braided-shape treccia. The treccia has anappealing braided shape, and it’s one of the most attractive cheese to see. It is soft, milky, and is nice to use in party or buffet

Production: At Ottima Cheese, we produce fresh cheese by following strictly Italian Tradition. Treccia daily produced, so we assure that our customers can fully enjoy the fresh and original tastes of Italian cheese.  Especially, there is no additives, preservatives and chemicals added.

Preservation and Usage: Preserve at 4-6 C degree. Use within 10 days from the day of production.

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