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Ottima Cheese offers a wide range of exciting, flavorful and fresh cheeses made with this morning's milk. Follow your mood or engage your creativity with authentic, natural, healthy fresh cheese!

Mascarpone Cheese 250gr/Box
150.000 VND

This is an ideal ingredient of tiramisu and Italian style desserts, ideal for creams and savoury pasta dishes also.

Ricotta Cheese 250gr/Box
110.000 VND

Ricotta is white, soft and has a slightly sweet flavor that comes from the fresh milk. Ricotta is favorably used in Italian desserts.

Stracciatella  250gr/Box
187.500 VND

Stracciatella is made from the mixture of mozzarella shreds and cream

Treccia - Cheese Braid 150g/Pack
105.000 VND

Treccia is a handcrafted cheese, it is known as a braided version of Mozzarella